Friday, April 14, 2017

Biding our time

We had been due to haulout the boat several weeks ago but at the last minute cancelled for a variety of reasons. It was fortuitous that we did cancel as our time out of the water would have coincided with the days that Tropical Cyclone Debbie was approaching our coast and due to make landfall. While we luckily survived Debbie unscathed, there was a time during her approach that we were in for a direct hit. Having Batty out of the water would have added an extra layer of stress and effort to our cyclone prep in addition to none of our planned work actually getting done while we, and everyone else, prepped for Debbie’s arrival.

Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island

Since then we have diligently been plodding through our endless to-do list as we waited for a new date for our haulout. Due to Easter, Anzac Day and May Day, it seemed like April did not have a single 5-day work week. With our prior luck with haulouts, we were gunning for at least a 4 day week that did not end in a long weekend, should we be stuck out of the water at the end of the week. Boatyards charge you for the crane lift in and out of the water and then a per/day fee for just being in the yard. This is on top of any work you have done (Coincidentally, they don’t work on the weekends either!). We finally received confirmation late last week that we are on the books to be hauled-out this coming Tuesday.


Though certainly not as much fun as being at anchor, life is much easier in a marina so we elected to stay put while we waited it out. I will admit I am a bit nervous about being at anchor with the baby purely because I know our water won’t stretch as far. Bryce and I have been able to make our water stretch for more then a month when it was just the two of us in conservation mode. This is not going to be feasible anymore with an extra crew member on board. A watermaker is on our wishlist but it’s still likely a fair way off.

Marina Sunsets

We are still posting to facebook frequently and now have an instagram account where you can see lots more of our day to day life. We have some other projects in the works to share with you all soon so stay tuned!

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