Tuesday, August 21, 2018

One Year On

My, how our lives have changed! It’s been one year since we last updated you on our whereabouts so here’s the recap!


We spent the 2017 season buddy boating with another kidboat, Madam Wong and capped off the season with a trip out to the reef! An adrenaline-filled experience that falls in our Top 3 amazing cruising moments. We will fill you in, I promise! We finished off our winter in the Whitsundays and headed back north to Magnetic Island for the summer.

We had arranged to housesit over the summer and enjoyed the luxury of doing boat jobs while not living on the boat and luxuriated in the extra space and ease that land life provides. We took everything off the boat and gave her a good clean. We sorted through all of the random things that had been hidden under beds and in deep cupboards for 5 years and got rid of a lot of junk. Sound advice from the legendary Lin and Larry Pardey. The engine got a complete service and the exhaust elbow replaced. We replaced the autopilot remote and had several other electrical jobs done.

 In March, we gained another little lady crew member. Bryce is really outnumbered now! With two under two on the boat, we toyed with the idea of giving boat life a break for awhile. While we briefly contemplated moving to Papua New Guinea, we went to the US for a couple of months to figure it out and ultimately, completed our circle by returning back to Magnetic Island!

 So that’s where we are and at this point we still aren’t sure what we are going to do. Being on the boat in a marina is a compromise for now but we aren’t sure whether we are ultimately going to be pulled one way or the other. We have lots to figure out and will keep you posted as it develops!