Sunday, February 3, 2013


This is our first post. Yay! We are very excited to be headed off on this adventure and thrilled that you will be following us. Our plan is not to do daily or weekly "what we did" updates, but instead to clump our posts around the places we go, food we eat or make, projects we do and people we meet. Hopefully it will be easier to organize our blog this way and ideally make it more fun to read!

Our boat is 22 years old and we have quite a bit of work to do on her before we are ready to take off traveling! Some of the work is cosmetic and can be done along the way and other parts are a bit more essential (like upgrades to the electrical and safety systems). We will keep you filled in about how it all goes!

Thanks again for joining us!

Alissa and Bryce


  1. Have you named the boat yet????

  2. The boat came with the name "Aquabat." It stemmed from the previous owner's last name which was Batson. There is also a band with the same name, however the boat came first! We thought about changing it but decided it might be more hassle then it's worth!