Friday, April 26, 2013

Our first guests!

We had our first guests on Aquabat last week! It was a very exciting event and this was the motivating factor in cleaning the boat. We had budgeted two solid days for cleaning the inside of the boat, thinking "oh this will be easy." In reality it took us about two weeks of hard work! From scrubbing the carpets, washing all of the linens (a big thank you to Bryce's mum for all of her help!), poking in all of the crevices with cotton buds, cleaning out all of the cupboards and washing the windows, floors and walls combined with a two hour commute each day, there was alot to keep us busy! And we still aren't finished! None of this was helped by the massive amounts of rain that seemed to pour down without fail the exact moment that we set foot on board the boat. Finally, two days before our guests were due to arrive, the rain stopped and hasn't been seen since (touch wood)! This break in the weather allowed us to clean the outside of the boat with the pressure hose (which is my new favourite toy), tidy up the lines and air out some things from down below.

My mum was in town for a couple of days and she, along with four of my aunts and uncles, Bryce's parents and the lovely couple who own the house where the boat is tied up, were our first guests on board the boat! It was a beautiful, hot day and we had a delicious picnic lunch next to the boat! 

Our picnic location!
Aquabat (with a small motor boat in front for perspective)!

My Mum and I on board Aquabat

Photos courtesy of David Courtney


  1. Hi B & A, It was indeed a lovely day! The boat was fantastic, the company was magnificent, the food was scrumptious, the weather was glorious and the impromptu shade structure wasn't too bad either! :-)

  2. We were glad you were there! Thanks for your engineering efforts!