Monday, October 7, 2013

Our First Passage - The Photos

So it turns out the technical difficulties I was having the other day were of my own making. We get our internet through the phone and we had the phone on power saving mode so every time it went to sleep, the internet would turn off and I would lose the connection! This combined with the fact that I was trying to upload files that were too big were my problem!

I've figured it out now though so can finally post some pictures of the last few days! We've settled into a bit of a routine, doing jobs in the morning and relaxing in afternoon. Bryce and Tim have spent every afternoon fishing and are perfecting the art of using the cast net. They have even succeeded in catching a few of their meals!

Preparing to leave through the Mooloolaba Bar
A quick sunset climb up the mast. So thankful for the steps!
Sunrise behind Double Island Point
The beautiful Australian coastline
and more jellyfish!
Trying to catch their lunch
Mastering the cast net. A Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang moment as the tide comes in!
Sunset over the anchorage
Living the dream.... finally!


  1. ...and to think how excited you were to see your first solo jelly-fish Alissa! I'm so happy for you both that the hard work has finally paid off and you can enjoy some carefree sailing days.

    1. Thanks Anne! We are having a great time! Tim is wonderful company as well!