Saturday, December 21, 2013

Boats Work in Mysterious Ways

Back in June, we noticed that a tiny bronze piece from one of cupboard latches had broken off. Since we have an aluminum boat, this was caused a lot of concern as we constantly worry about electrolysis. If a bronze piece were to sit undiscovered in our bilge, it would gradually eat through the hull and cause major problems for us. We searched for it everywhere and could not find it. Instead of driving ourselves crazy, we had to eventually settle on the fact that we couldn't find it and hope that it had somehow fell off into a bag or something and magically worked it’s way off the boat.

Fast forward to August when we were driving Dingbat back from the Library and Bryce randomly found this small tiny piece in the bottom of the dinghy. We were estatic. Thinking that now that we had the piece, I could repair the latch, I put the piece in a “safe” place for when I could get around to it. Of course, I forgot where that "safe place" was and we could only go back to living with the uncertainty of it being in the bilge somewhere. 
A couple of weeks ago, we were going through some of our spares and in a ziplock bag marked “random,’ we again found this tiny little piece. We do need to replace all of these latches at some point soon, so to avoid any future confusion we both watched as I ceremoniously dropped it overboard.

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