Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Crossing things off the list

While we have the time we are trying desperately to cross some of the big things off of the never ending to-do list. Bryce's brother is a cabinetmaker by trade and we have enlisted him to do some work on the boat for us. Some of the jobs we are trying to get done are:

- Expand our bed. Our bed is currently an awkward double/single and is not long enough for us. In order to fit, Bryce needs to sleep diagonally which leaves me with not much space. Sleep is really important to us so we are going to get some more space and new mattresses. It's going to be amazing.

- Install some more cupboards and add shelves to our large hanging locker. We have three hanging lockers and really don't need them all. The plan is to keep the two smaller ones and reinvent the space in the larger one. 

- Reinforce our table. It's a bit wobbly and as it is now we fear what would happen if someone fell into it. 

- Install some sort of apparatus to keep our floorboards and storage spaces closed in the unlikely event we overturn.

-Reorganize the entire boat. This is actually my job! Since we discovered the location of our autopilot compass under the mast, we need to move all of our tools and metal spares away from there.  Given that we also have the mounted compass in the cockpit to avoid, that really limits our options. 

The organising is my favourite part. I love it! It takes awhile and in the process the boat becomes a disaster as the  contents of one cupboard are cleared out to make way for the contents of another. It took me awhile but I've just realised that the constraints of living on land don't apply on water. The cupboards in the galley are pretty awkward and I've never been happy with storing things in them. Two of them have the slant of hull, one of them has the hoses from the sinks cutting through it and another is so amazingly large but it has the smallest opening so in order to get to something in the back, everything else has to come out. Today I discovered that I don't have to keep the conventional kitchen things in the galley! The awkward hard to reach spaces have now become the super efficiently organised home for all of our small to medium-sized spares. There are LOTS of them on a boat. 

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