Thursday, June 19, 2014

And we're back!

Well hey there! Remember us? WE'RE BAAACKKK! :) Bryce is back from PNG and we've got this boat adventure rolling again. While things have still been happening while he was gone, I thought I would spare you the blow by blow on my recovery. Not much has changed but I am improving... just very slowly! I am still doing my hourly exercises and scar massage, my finger still has a bit of a pregnant belly (It's swollen), and I can't quite make a full fist yet but.... I have been discharged by both the surgeons and the occupational therapists and the rest of my recovery is in my hands. It could take up to 18 months for the swelling to go and to regain a full fist but its all up to me keeping up with my exercises and actually using my finger. I am allowed to do basically everything, except for maybe a cartwheel... but that will come! 

So lets get you up to speed! Probably the most exciting thing to happen on board Aquabat is our new bed! Our old bed was a little less than a double at the head and a single at the feet. It also wasn't long enough for Bryce so he would sleep diagonally which left not much space for me! 

White was the old bed, brown is the addition.
Our new! It's now bigger than a queen at our heads and just under a double at our feet. We switched to sleep with our heads towards the bow to achieve that but it is just amazing! A little bit like heaven! We removed the door to the master cabin to give us a bit more room so I've added a curtain to my to-do list of sewing projects. We had a new foam mattress cut to size and it's super comfy! Combine that with a luxe mattress topper and new sheets and we are really excited to go to sleep at night! Looking at what the bed used to be... I'm impressed that we lasted as long as we did sharing!
Complete Luxury! Will never go back!
We've been working on a few other projects but some of them just aren't quite finished. We owe the bed and several other projects to Bryce's brother who artfully applied his cabinetmaking skills to boatbuilding! Bryce is currently working on replacing the wooden slats on our swim platform with beautiful new teak that he brought back from PNG with him. I have been going container crazy trying to fit everything onto the boat while using the space the most efficiently. It's a bit like a giant puzzle but I am getting there! 
This is not even the half of it!
That's about where we are... I won't jinx us by sharing a departure date yet but we are close! Fingers-crossed... XX

It's wonderful to be back on the boat!


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  2. Oh lovely Alissa! Love the photos. I didn't know you did handstands before the finger incident ;) how bout some recipes.

    1. Handstands are not my forte! The potential is there though! :)