Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Off Again

With much fanfare we were delivered to Batty and relieved of all our "landly" responsibilities. We took her out for a sail with our visitors and had a lovely, albiet, windy picnic on the beach. We hung around Mooloolaba for a few days waiting for a weather window and then we were off. This was our first time sailing in the ocean just the two of us. Last year on our trip to Hervey Bay, we had company on both ocean legs. Right when we left Mooloolaba, we saw a couple of dolphins off our stern and so we knew it was going to be a great day! Dolphins are always a good sign! We had a practically perfect sail up and an uneventful crossing of the Wide Bay Bar. We had been warned that bar crossings on the eastern coast can be tricky at dusk as you are sailing directly into the sun but we had no problems. We were through and anchored in Pelican Bay before dark. We were the only ones there, which always makes us second guess our plans as I wonder why such a popular anchorage in empty. Did everyone else get a weather report that we didn't? Is this going to be a rough night? Fear not, we had a comfortable night and were ready to head up through the Great Sandy Straight this morning.

Off we go!