Thursday, December 4, 2014

Where are we?!

You guys... check it out! I have just spent the whole day updating our "Where are we?" map to show our route this year, well just these past few months really!

To view the map, click on the tab above titled, "Where are we?" or click on this link to take you to the same place. I recommend that you make the map bigger because 1) it's cool to zoom out and see how far (or not so far) we've gone in the bigger picture of Australia and the World, and 2) because it's cool to zoom in and check all of the places we went along with the little notes that I've included about our adventure.

Seeing how far we've come on one map (as opposed to many smaller charts day by day) is pretty surreal and it fills me with pride to look at it. We did good! :) Lots more places to go though!

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