Saturday, March 19, 2016

Adventure to Cedar Creek Falls

I had the opportunity to take exactly one picture before I had to get in the water to escape the mosquitoes. They were thick, beastly and swarming, jumping on every exposed bit of skin. But this is where we went the other day. 
A friend took us for a drive, away from the ocean, to visit Cedar Creek Falls. It was gorgeous and green and the water was clear. It was lightly raining which meant we had the place to ourselves. Swimming around the base of the waterfall, there were small fish that joined us which seemed to find me, and only me, tasty. I am also, much to other’s delight, a mosquito magnet. 

We filled up our diesel tanks yesterday, which is not noteworthy in itself but it took us half a day so that’s where our time goes! Today we are headed back out to the islands and slowly going to be heading north over the next week. 

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