Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Never Fear

Those of you who subscribe to our blog via email received an update for this post in your inbox this week. This is an old post from more that two years ago and though I have been posting some old stories… this was not one of them. We have just migrated our mailing list to a different provider and something must have happened in the transfer that caused this post to be resent.

But rereading this story… woah! I was right there reliving those horrendous few days and THEN imagining them with a baby on board. No. Not happening. Just stop! So all of you who sent emails and messages making sure that we were ok and that the baby was ok, rest assured, we are snuggly tucked into our marina berth. The closest we have come to waves is when someone jumps in the pool!

We did have every intention to go sailing but the wind and weather just didn’t come together with our timing to allow that to happen. We wanted to get out there just once this season and see what it was like sailing with a wee one and be reminded about why we do this… live the cruising life, but we just couldn't pull it off this season. We are now wrapping up our boat time for this year and flying south to Brisbane for a couple of weeks before “summering” in the northern hemisphere winter. 

We have a long list of jobs to do before we can leave the boat… so we better get cracking!

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