Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The First Glimpse

I was sorting through some old photos awhile back and came across this video and thought I would share it. 

The backstory:

In June, 2012, we had left Australia boatless with the intention of finding and buying our boat in either the US or Europe. Bryce came back to Australia to meet a new nephew in December and happened to find Batty for sale just one hours drive from Brisbane. She ticked a lot of our boxes so he went to check her out. His interest piqued, a survey was commissioned and the ball was rolling in the direction of Aquabat becoming ours. If we bought this boat. I would not get to physically see her before the purchase. I was full of questions and requests. Some >>very<< detailed videos of the boat were high on my list. 

This video, narrated by Bryce, was one that I received and gave me a glimpse of what was to be  our new home. For the record, this is the cleanest and emptiest I have ever seen Batty. Something to strive for again! :)

You can watch the video here



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  2. When you're up and running, it'd be good to see a comparison video. The last I saw it, she was very 'homey'. :-)