Friday, January 27, 2017

Our Movements

Thank you all for your input in choosing our next steps. While we still don’t have a definite plan, we are moving closer to having some idea of what we will do. In short, we still don’t know but we’ve been given lots more to think about. 

A new option came up for us as we were offered an opportunity to housesit in Darwin for 5 weeks. We would LOVE to but we want/need to sail this season and a month plus in Darwin would get us back to the boat way too late in the season to make that happen. Raincheck Darwin Clearys!

We are sad to say that New Caledonia and Vanuatu are off the cards. Due to our land travels, we are quite possibly getting back to the area too late to catch any northerlies south. We may already be pushing our luck trying to get down to the Whitsundays but three days of beating into the wind is a much different story than trying to get all the way down the Queensland coast in a hurry. 

The guy tasked with cleaning Batty’s hull while we’ve been gone and keeping an eye on her just informed us that Batty probably needs a new bottom paint job. We knew she was coming due but were hoping to eek another season out of the current coat. We will have to see what we think when we are back with her but for now we are planning a haul-out when we get back. 

So in summary… we will see how we go when we get back! There are a lot of factors that we just can’t know until we are there. Wind, weather, the state of Batty’s bottom and inevitable haul-out surprises will all play a part. Oh yeah... and having a mobile baby on board! 

Bryce has been taking a break from the cold for the last few days and visiting some friends down in balmy Nashville. He comes back tomorrow and we start our last week in Wisconsin.

Next stop… Texas!

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