Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Library

The whole process has been a learning experience for both of us. Certain areas having a much greater learning curve than others! Before we bought Aquabat, we did alot of research and in the process began to build up our sailor's library! We have spent the day in the real library and when I walked in this morning, one of the books that we have in our home library caught my eye on the shelf. I went over to check it out and we are now going home with 14 books about various parts of life on the water that we haven't read before! In retrospect, probably not the best idea as we brought all of our electronics, we are on bike and I went grocery shopping as well! We will learn eventually!

We have many, many books on board for reference & leisure reading. The ones listed below are just the technical & sailing references that we depend on to function as a working vessel. The cookbooks are definitely for leisure reading as well and upon looking at this list feel as though we may have a few too many of them! But hey... we love food! 

The books are listed in no particular order & I tried my best to group them into categories. A few of the books came with the boat and some have been gifted to us but the majority of them are ones that we selected to carry with us. They have all been deemed important enough to take up precious space on Batty's bookshelves! They are definitely not all essential & certain books are more useful than others. If you would like to know our opinion of any of them, please feel free to shoot us an email. 

This page does contain Amazon Affiliate links. If you happen to purchase any of these books through the links below, we will receive, at no extra cost to you, a tiny kick back to help fund our travels and be ever so thankful! 

Aquabat's Library
Sailing Reference
Sailing Made Easy – American Sailing Association
Cruising FundamentalsAmerican Sailing Association
Sailing FundamentalsAmerican Sailing Association
How to Trim Sails – Peter Schweer
General Reference books
The Voyager’s Handbook – Beth Leonard*
World Cruising Destinations – Jimmy Cornell
A Handbook of Knots and Knot Tying – Geoffrey Budworth
The Sailmaker’s Apprentice – Emiliano Marino

Local Resources
Cruising the Coral Coast – Alan Lucas
Beacon to Beacon Directory
Queensland Tide Table 2013
Sailing Directions and Other information for the Ports and Harbours of Queensland, 1985

Women & Sailing

It’s Your Boat Too – Geiseman

Health & Wellness
The Merck Manual 
WHO International Medical Guide for Ships - available as a free download from here
Where There Is No Doctor –available as a free download from here
The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide – available as a free download from here
Ship's Medicine Chest - available as a free download from here
Australian First Aid – St John Ambulance Service
Home Medical Adviser – American College of Physicians
Yoga on board – Kim Hess

Pure Vegan – Shuldiner
1000 Vegan Recipes – Robin Robertson
Mexican Everyday – Rick Bayliss
Cooking Afloat – Fiona Grafton
50 Great Curries of India – Camellia Panjabi
Appetite for Reduction – Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Raw Food Made Easy – Jennifer Cornbleet
This Can’t Be Tofu – Deborah Madison

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