Monday, August 12, 2013

The wind and it's noises

We had great intentions to watch the meteor shower that's been going on the last few days but unfortunately found out that prime viewing time is from 3-5am tomorrow morning... We probably won't make it! Even if we did, due north, where it is supposed to be happening, is looking straight into the bright lights of Mooloolaba, so there's no real chance of us seeing anything anyway. We had a little party instead, just the two of us, and played cards and drank some wine! Nothing really different from a normal night but the intention was there! That being said if we are up anyway come 3 am, we will give it a shot!
The wind has picked up and has had us up at random hours with noises from the rigging, anchor and wind generator. We still don't know exactly what is causing all of the noises. In the middle of the night last night a dripping noise had us confounded for what seemed like hours (there is no dripping in our boat and if there were it would be worrisome). During the day, I will go and sit outside for 15 minutes, hoping to hear something so that I can fix it! My patience wears out, so I go inside only to hear the noise again. So frustrating! Even as I lie in bed now I can hear the waves lapping against the side of the boat, the wind howling through the rigging, the anchor chain clanging, all this occasionally punctuated by a random bang or slapping of line. The banging is the most disconcerting, especially as the majority of it comes from the anchor chain which is just next to our cabin. I just have to remind myself that we have an 88 lb beast of an anchor holding us down and try to relax.

Most of the time the noises don't bother Bryce, so I guess this is just something I have to get used to!
Bryce's parents are coming up for a visit tomorrow and I am going back home with them for the night. A chance to do laundry and have a real hot shower... Yay! Bryce's brother and his family will then bring me back up the next day and we will hopefully get to go for a sail with them! The diesel return on the engine was fixed today so we are looking to be in good shape to head off, for real, soon!


  1. Do you think your boat might be .... haunted?

  2. I'm sure we will get used to it, thought haunted did cross my mind!