Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lessons Learned

We have found that there are many times when we would have light bulb moments while doing a job and would say "OK, lesson learned!" After noticing a trend of saying that we decided to keep a running list of all the lessons we are learning as we go on this journey.

There are already so many of them and it is a list that will inevitably continue to grow. We learned all of them the hard way so hopefully this list can help others from making the same mistakes. We will continue to add to it and it will be permanently located on the 'Projects, Tips & Ideas' page above.

The Lessons We Have Learned

13) When approaching an anchorage and someone hails you on the radio, don't ignore it. (09/10/13)

12) Remember to stay flexible. Remember shipment times are estimates (unless you pay megabucks for speed and security). It doesn't make the frustration any easier but it helps to be reminded. (1/9/13)

11) Don't clean the bilge later. Clean it now or it will start to smell. (1/9/13)

10) Last minute, spur of the moment cruises are a bad idea. When you have been living at anchor and have nothing stowed away, just crossing the bar for fun because it looks calm is the equivalent of a tornado coming through the boat. Stuff everywhere! (13/8/13)

9) Always make sure the boat is clean before the day begins and ends. Alternatively make sure you clean up from one job before you start another. Living in such a small space and with storage under everything, the place gets turned upside down very easily. This is much easier to manage if we make sure to always keep a tidy boat. 

8) Wherever we go, look for the nearest library. They are a great source of free electricity and internet. 

7) No woodworking inside the boat. When thinking about the boat as a house, that makes sense but it just didn't click! 

6) Avoid anchorages that are throughways on weekends and public holidays.  That is when all of the motor boat drivers who don't understand no wake zone come out and fly through at high speeds. 

5) Never turn down a hot shower or a chance to do laundry and to charge the electronics.  

4) Always finish a job completely. Even the small things… We have had rain come in the boat because while we closed over the hatches we didn’t actually latch them shut! 

3) No shoes on the boat, unless dedicated boat shoes! The decks are permanently scarred after our first stint at the boat yard. No amount of scrubbing can undo it!

2) Don’t throw anything away. At least while we are still new to this whole thing! We have dug through way to much trash and gone to 10 different shops trying to find replacements for things that we were sure we would never need. 
1) If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Self-explanatory really! We seem to do more harm than good this way.


  1. lesson list--I like it!
    do you also have a guest book? one of Tom and Susan's favorite things to page through

    1. We do... kinda! Right now it's more of a scrapbook of pictures that kids have drawn us when they come to visit but the more visitors we get, the more it will live up to its name!