Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Blog-osphere

There are so many blogs out there in the world wide web and surprisingly, tons of blogs about people living the dream as full-time cruisers! While we have had electricity and internet, I have been catching up on all of the blogs that I follow. I have also been playing with my new (old) toy! It was a combined birthday/christmas present earlier this year but I haven't had a chance to play with it yet. It's so much fun. I'm a very lucky girl! Anyway, it shouldn't shock me anymore that I regularly discover a new (to me) sailing blogs.
Reading other peoples blogs is addictive and a great source of information. Especially for people who have been cruising and blogging about it for years, it takes ages to get through the archives! Blogs are great because not only do we get to experience all of the "ups" that we hopefully have to look forward to someday but we are able to commiserate with the "downs" and learn from other people's mistakes. Don't get me wrong, we still definitely make our fair share of mistakes but the "been there, done that" advice is some of the best (when taken with a grain of salt). The blogs below are just a few of the ones that we have found most helpful in our journey and they are listed in no particular order. If you have a blog and want to share, please leave the link in the comments section below and we would love to check it out!

Sailing Blogs & Websites

Attainable Adventure Cruising - These guys are all really experienced cruisers and AAC covers of wide variety of practical topics. The blogs following is such that the comments on each post are just as interesting and informative as the posts themselves. Some of the articles are paid subscription only but there are still many available to the non-paying public.

Practical Sailor - Independent reviews of many different products and techniques. Like AAC, you need to pay to get access to the full content of this website but there are still some really good articles are available without subscription. 

Windtraveler - These guys - fellow Midwesterners - just found out they are expecting twins and they just had their first last year! With lots of surprises and honesty, their blog is a great read. They are taking a short break from cruising to have the twins but I really look forward to seeing where their journey takes them.

S/V Totem - This family has already gone such a long way around the world and they are raising their three kids on board. As we would like to raise kids on the boat someday, their perspective offers some great insight.

Interview with a Cruiser - A collection of interviews with cruisers who have been on the go for awhile.

Newly Salted - A collection of interviews with sailors newer to the cruising lifestyle, like ourselves!

The Monkey's Fist - Great collection of many different cruisers takes on different experiences and ideas compiled all in one place.

So Many Beaches - Some cool Austinites with awesome stories. They also have a dog on board which makes me a little bit jealous! They are currently back in Austin, refilling the cruising kitty.

Zero to Cruising - Another great blog! These guys are martial artists and stay super fit while cruising! That's pretty cool!

Bumfuzzle - These guys have been around the world and know a thing or two. A friend first told me about Bumfuzzle when I was just starting to learn how to sail and it soothed my nerves a bit regarding the whole sailing around the world thing. These guys left in their boat not knowing how to sail and they survived! They have had many adventures since then and are back to cruising with their two kids in Mexico.

Non-Sailing Blogs (aka Food Blogs)

Post Punk Kitchen - Isa is pretty much the go-to vegan cook out there. I don't know any vegans that don't have at least one of her cookbooks.

Chocolate Covered Katie - "The healthy dessert blog!" Need I say more?

Pinch of Yum - These guys have just spent a year volunteering at an orphanage in the Phillipines which is pretty wonderful. While not a vegan blog, the recipes that Lindsay posts all look delicious and are fun and inspiring.

(Never home)maker - More delicious food! Ashley actually has two blogs and I enjoy reading both of them: lots of food, family and healthy living. 

Oh She Glows - More delicious food! See the trend?

Crunchy Betty - Again more delicious food and ideas for chemical-free living!


  1. thanks guys for the nod, looking forward to reading more about your plans/adventures, and hopefully sharing an anchorage someday!

    1. We would love to meet you in person someday too!

  2. I'll have to share YOUR blog with Tom and Susan. Sure they would love to see how you're doing. They recently purchased a condo on Florida's Atlantic coast that will become their home anchorage

    1. Awesome Amy! I've heard about their adventures for so long, I would love to share ours with them! For the majority of my life, they were the only people I knew who sailed! :)