Friday, September 27, 2013

Things that make life better!

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Twelve things that make life better!

Headlamps – Our headlamps may be the most used product on the boat. Ours have both white light and red light so we can use them at night without losing our night vision. We use them for everything and our eyes are very thankful!

Microfiber drying mats – These are awesome. I only have one of these right now because I thought that because the galley is smaller than a regular kitchen, I will have less dishes to do. This is somehow not the case (in fact the opposite) and I need to get another one!

Inspection camera – Our surveyor told us that we should get an “up-ya-bum-a-scope” (as he called it) because it would be invaluable on the boat. This one came up at Aldi, we bought it and haven’t looked back. As we are still getting to know this crazily wired and plumbed boat, the camera has been great to follow wires, cords, hoses, etc as well as to have a look in places we just quite can’t get our heads into.

Sport-a-seat – We went on a mega search for the best seats. These won! They are so comfortable and fit perfectly in the cockpit and the foredeck! My mum was a bit sad when we took them to the boat because they also go wonderfully on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Corelle – Melamine plates & bowls came with the boat when we bought it and while I think they are great for camping, it would’ve gotten old eating off of them everyday. For as long as I can remember, we have always had Corelle at home and I knew that was what I wanted. Bryce was skeptical until they proved that they can take pretty much anything (there is a story that I will share soon). One of the only pieces we have lost was when my brother dropped his football helmet on a bowl!

Manual Blender –  I love my blender. I have to admit I was skeptical. It’s definitely no Vitamix but the other day I was able to make a delicious cashew chipotle sauce with only minimal effort and no electricity. Awesome! It is designed for camping and tailgating (outside!) so I need to wear ear plugs to do it inside as it is quite loud and right in my ear! We plan on getting an inverter so I may at some point get an immersion blender but for now this does the trick!

Lock & Lock Containers –  Watertight & Airtight, I love that I can put things in the fridge and not have to sorry about them spilling. I don’t have to worry about anything getting into my dry goods either.

Electric windlass –  I do not take for granted the fact that we have an electric windlass. Of course, we have a manual backup if we need it but not having to crank up the anchor by hand all the time really does make life better.

Mast Steps – I’ve climbed our mast many times now and I can’t imagine doing it without steps. I was in awe the other day watching someone else in the anchorage do it without them. We have heard that the wind makes more noise on them but we haven’t had any issues so far.

Big Anchor – With a 90lb anchor off the front of the boat, we both sleep very soundly in any conditions.

Car – We really don’t need a car but borrowing one the past few weeks has certainly made life better. It does have its added costs of course but when you don’t have that tool that you need it’s much easier just to run out and get it and continue on with the job. This is compared to when we don’t have access to a car, adding it to the list of things we need to get at Bunnings(=Home Depot) for the next time someone comes to visit and we can convince them to take us there or waiting until there is enough on the list to warrant a bus trip. We will be so glad to give it back and finally sail away but in the interim, it has made life a lot easier.

Supportive Family & Friends – Whether they are supporting us from afar or closer to home (like under the engine!), we are so grateful to all of the wonderful people in our lives cheering us on and helping us out! 

That's the top twelve things for us. Does anyone have any other suggestions?!

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